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Safranbolu is ‘’The Capital of Preservation‘’ so that, the presentto carry all the characteristics of traditional Turkish society life and have kept against time by itself.
In our country,There are approximately 50,000 protected the cultural and natural assets and approximately 1500 of them are located in Safranbolu. Its rich cultural heritage and the success of the protection of its heritage on the city scale has made Safranbolu ‘’World City" and it has been taken in 17 December 1994 in the World Heritage List by UNESCO. Safranbolu was also selected as one of the best preserved 20 cities of the world by OWHC in world congress held in Rhodes in 2003.

Safranbolu is known as Paphlagonia at ancient term. Its history dates back to 3000’s BC and the exact date ofsettlement in the city of Safranbolu is unknown.Gasgas, Hittites, Cimmerians, Lydians, the Persians, the Hellenistic Kingdoms, the Romans, Byzantine, the Seljuk, Cobanogluları, Candarogulları and Ottomans had ruled the city. Safranbolu was conquered by the Turks, at the period of Muhittin Mesut Shah, son of Kılıc Arslan II Seljuk Sultan. Since 1423, it has also entered the dominion of the Ottomans.Safranbolu was an important place to accommodate and to exchange goods on Sinop-Gerede-İstanbul artery of commerce in 17th century, it continued to preserve its importance and considered asthe back garden of the palace of the Ottoman,It is known that many Grand Viziers and officers lived in here and there were a lot of people from Safranbolu in the palace as official.
Safranbolu is a renownedquality city with its traditional Turkish houses which are good examples of civil Ottoman architecture, natural beauty and historical dimension.



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